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2 postings: WNET Public NY Television & India Mirror


It  was  a  novelty   for   New Yorkers  when Mr.  Noah Fischer,  a  famous  artist,  as  well  as the  Aaron Burr Society,  one  of the city’s  social  service  organizations  working  for  the  prosperity  of  the  society,  joined  their  hands  together. 

The   large  crowd  witnessed their performance which commemorated former US president John  F.  Kennedy.   The  event  was  part of a seven summer series of seven performances. Along  with  the  glorious  talks  about  the  former president,  Mr Noah Fischer  & the Aaron Burr Society distributed fifty-cent coins bearing the face of Mr Kennedy .

The people  paid their  homage to  the  former president by collecting the  coins amid  high spirits.  Mr  Fischer  has paid  his visit to  India, participating in  a national convention  held in RLV college  of Tripunithura  Ernakulam  Kerala,  one  of  the beautiful states of India.

His presence at the convention gave new insights  to the participants  as  he shared  his  immense  knowledge of  art & sculpture.