New Moose Party



These transgendered moose with randomly placed antlers & utters are marked with the Egyptian Eye of Horas and variations of the Illuminati’s All Seeing Eye. The first five presidents of the United Stated were Deist[1], the preferred religion of the Free Masons or Illuminati. This is why the Great Seal of the United State, as seen on the dollar, is inscribed with Novus Ordo Seclorum; the New Order of the Ages, or New World Order. America, free of superstition and dedicated to the Universal Rights of all People was too lead the way to this New World Order, which would be free of religious wars, the divine right of kings, aristocracy and feudalism of Europe.  Or as Whiskey Rebel John Skull, the printer of the Pittsburgh Gazette said in 1794, “the Peace and Prosperity of the Human Race.” We are tired of waiting for this promise to be fulfilled, it is time for America to live up to its Revolutionary ideals.

* The Faith of the Founding Fathers, by David L. Holmes

   Oxford University Press NY NY 10016  (c) 2006

linoleum block prints with gold pigment dusted onto wet ink

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