Since 2008 the Aaron Burr Society has been dedicated to exposing the myths of the Free Market and Free Trade. Wall Street and their Corporate Cronies use myths in order to subvert the Sovereignty of The People in an attempt to usurp the Collective Wealth of the Nation. In addition to financial derivatives and other fraudulent monetary policies, they divert Your Tax Money for Their Profits while Privatizing Public Programs, like education, designed to promote Universal Prosperity. Wall Street and their Cronies make Billions in Bonuses and Trillions in Subsidies while We The People, our Nation and the World goes Bankrupt. The real reason for the escalation of Personal and National Debt are the crimes committed by Wall Street and Conservative Politicians of both Parties.

          This is not the first time Wall Street has tried to seize power. Alexander Hamilton hated The People and all forms of Democratic Government.[1] Aaron Burr & Thomas Jefferson fought Hamilton and his aristocratic fellow travelers on Wall Street; traitors who would be king. Since then Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt all fought and temporarily defeated the Tyranny of Wall Street.

   Ron Paul and the Conservative Libertarians want to close the Federal Reserve Bank. Progressive Libertarians want to Nationalize the Fed and give the People access to their Commonwealth through direct low interest loans. Today, among other problems, there is a shortage of Money for loans and infrastructure, the true source of National Prosperity. While having record profits, Wall Street Bankers, are again refusing to make loans to the People. Historically this have been a problem, therefore government banks and other programs were needed to address the Common Good of the People. Aaron Burr created the Manhattan Company to bring clean water to New York City and also to give loans to the Working Classes a revolutionary approach to finance that would be radical even today. [see about the Aaron Burr Society & Aaron Burr] We the People must understand that Economic Power is essential if We are to have Justice, Equality and real Political Power.

          Our Founders believed that they had the right to “regulate” an unresponsive government. A government controlled by an elite, Monied Class whose “Congregated Wealth” was obtained by Speculating on Revolutionary War Bonds. These so called Elites then changed the Law so that Ordinary Citizens would have to pay for their Excessive Profits. Afterwards  these Craven Characters used this money, their ill gotten gain, to subverted the Democratic will of The People. Such Scoundrels were the supporters of  Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton’s two-tiered economic and tax programs. Hamilton believed that Social and Economic Justice was wrong; equating “Equaling” of the classes as “TOO MUCH DEMOCRACY” he claimed that people needed “The Elite” [read a King & Aristocracy] to guide them. Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr begged to differ.

        Today, We too must fight and defeat Wall Street, Oil, Coal & their Outsourcing Cronies before they destroy our planet’s environment while pursuing policies of endless war.

[1] Something That Will Surprise The World: the Essential Writings of the Founding Fathers, edited by Susan Dunn,  foreword by Joseph J. Ellis, Basic Books, NY NY,  2006.

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