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Debt is the work of the Devil Deist Proverb

John Skull, Whiskey Rebel 1794

On April Fools Day of 2009 we launched the Free Money Movement. ABS gave away 100 real one-dollar bills stamped on one side with FREE MONEY and SLAVE OF WALL STREET on the other. Free money is not only a reference to the bailouts but the entire Free Market system that depends on your tax dollars in order for Corporations to make a profit. Our current Economic System will continues to enlarge the ever-increasing gap in income between the rich and the poor with the shrinking middle class falling on the wrong side of the economic divide.

Since April Fools day of 2009, all currency withdrawn from ATMs has been stamped and distributed in traditional financial exchanges, shopping. This obsession has resulted in a change of tactics that involves waiting on line for bank tellers in order to make withdrawals of $10s, $5s, and $1s. This strategy has increased the volume of ABS stamped Federal Reserve Notes currently in circulation. From our base in Brooklyn, NY to the sandy shores of North Carolina and up to the rocky coast of Maine, from Pittsburgh, Ohio and West Virginia, ABS stamped currency has primarily delighted, occasionally confounded but rarely annoyed the citizenry.

Historically the economic problems that we face today are the latest manifestation of financial malfeasance that has plagued America since the end of the Revolution. Both under the Articles of Confederation and the national Constitution ratified in 1787, fiscal policy was the one of the most contentious issues, perhaps second only to slavery. Soldiers, farmers and merchants were paid with War Bonds for their contributions to the Revolution but the value of the Bonds fell to pennies on the dollar. After the war, the Common People who fought and supplied the war were desperate for money and force to sell their bonds to Speculators. Soldiers would sell their bonds just to buy new cloths to replace their uniforms which were often just tattered rags. Speculators then conspired with politicians to limit the money supply and force people to pay the full face value of the original Bond in taxes. The Speculators wanted the Bonds paid with rare gold coins. States issued paper money and even set up agencies to give loans to the people in response to the limited money supply. Speculators and the Monied Classes protested. These efforts to assist the People ended with the Constitution and Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton’s consolidation of states debt to the federal government. As a result Speculators became rich while the People lost their homes and farms. Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr fought Hamilton’s policies and would eventually join forces in the Democratic-Republican party and run as president and vice president. Jefferson knew he could not win without northern support and New York Senator Burr had finished fourth the the 1796 presidential election. Then in 1799 Burr launched the Manhattan Company which was very popular with the middle and lower classes. [see about the Aaron Burr Society and Aaron Burr]

The objective of the Free Money Movement is based on the principles of Aaron Burr’s Manhattan Company, which brought clean water to New York City as well as providing low interest loans to the working classes.

Ron Paul and Conservative Libertarians want to close the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed). Progressive Libertarians want to Nationalize the Fed and put a branch in every state in order to give direct loans to the People, not Wall Street. Each Fed bank will be community based and supersede existing state governments for these functions. People will be given loans on a rotating bases, with penalties for default based on losing a turn in the loan cycle. All transactions as well as pertinent information, memos and procedures will be posted online.

Instead of government subsidies to large corporations, we want to give subsidies to local communities in order to clean the environment and create local commerce.

REVOLUTIONARY SCRIPT uses the oxymoron Libertarian Socialist to challenge people to think beyond the antiquated theories that currently dominate political discourse and move toward new systems of universal empowerment for the 21st Century based on international Freedom, Equality and Justice.

Letterpress print. 11x8 inches printed on imported hemp paper. It illegal to grow hemp but legal to import it. The laws of god and man are arbitrary and capricious.

Nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank


NOT Wall Street